The Anatomy of Belief: How to Build an Invincible Mindset

In my industry, I do speaking, I coach and train people, I’m an author, I do seminars and workshops, and lots of other things. Underlying all of this, I have a fascination with the word “believe.” What does it mean to have belief in something?


Belief is the internal power of your own spiritual force to be able to be, do and have what you want in life. In the Bible, it basically says, “If you believe it (if you have faith), you can move a mountain.” In biblical times, the word “believe” was taken very seriously. In modern times, we use the word much more loosely. Have we lost the power behind what belief really is?


What do you have to believe, so that you can “move a mountain” in your life? And how do you create that belief?


In today’s episode you’ll learn:


  • How to build a belief and how to use it to manifest what you want out of life

  • Whether or not you have belief is indicated by whether you have the results you want

  • We’re all here to “move the mountain”—and that mountain is different for all of us; we have to change certain things about ourselves in order to be able to move the mountain

  • Being worthy is part of believing—worthiness comes from believing God put you here for a specific purpose

  • We all have very specific desires that lead us in specific directions in our life

  • We can create our own life, or we can destroy it—but it all starts with belief

  • Doubt, concern, and worry don’t exist when you have belief—because you 100% believe with your whole being that you’re going to do something (you don’t question it)


The first question to ask yourself is always, “What do you want?”


Know that God is on your side. The universe is on your side, and it wants you to win. What do you believe? And are you willing to build the belief inside of yourself to create the life you desire?

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