The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 552 - Are Your "Rules" Helping or Hurting Your Success?

Are Your “Rules” Helping or Hurting Your Success?

We all have certain rules in place that we follow in our life, yet we’ve never questioned where they came from.

We have rules about which foods we’ll eat, what places we’ll travel to, and which experiences we’ll allow ourselves to have (or not have). From the cars we buy, to the lipstick we wear, to how we make pot roast—rules control our lives, even if we’re not aware of them and even if they’re illogical.

This conversation was inspired by our team’s discussion of the topic, “foods we would never eat.” Particularly—chocolate chip cookies dipped in apple juice.

In today’s episode, Steph and I discuss:


    • How we pick up behaviors, ideas, and ideologies from our parents while we’re growing up—and how many of these rules aren’t based on anything other than a belief
    • How your subconscious mind uses RULES to keep you from doing what you want to do, having what you want to have, and experiencing incredible things that you might not even know you’re missing out on
    • How rules can be unspoken, yet are handed down from one generation to the next, with no rhyme or reason as to why they exist
    • How Steph never tried a banana until her 20s—because her mother hated them and made a face every time someone brought them up
    • How Brandon didn’t get contact lenses for years, simply because his mom never had contacts (he changed this after Steph questioned him about it)
    • How 7-figure business owners follow hidden rules about leadership that hamper their growth and suck their joy
    • How as a kid, I was fascinated with Europe—and my father always told me, “You don’t want to go to Europe” (yet he’d never been there)


What rules do you follow? Why are you following them? Where are you letting someone else’s belief control your actions? What ideas did you take on that you never challenged?

Developing rules is a way of staying safe and in control. Rules give us a level of certainty about something, even if it’s not true.

In business, rules often create a value conflict that holds you back from growth—like not wanting to spend money on certain things, not wanting to go into debt, and not wanting to be “irresponsible” with money.


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