Being Bold: The Ultimate Game Changer


For quite some time, I’ve noticed that the men in this world are becoming more timid. People in general are afraid to stand up for something and be bold. (This includes both men and women, but today I’m specifically talking about men.)


There’s a lot of nonsense going on about who we’re supposed to be as individuals, especially regarding our gender. We’re losing the boldness that’s within all humanity, within all people, because we’re living in a world that makes people so damn insecure about everything they do.


The truth is, boldness is in every one of us. God gave each of us boldness. But at some point in our life, we were talked out of being bold.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How I got introduced to network marketing around 1996—and how that played a significant role in me being who I am today
  • How I knew my destiny was to go into business for myself, but I didn’t know how
  • How two cassette tapes by Bob Proctor captivated me and changed my life; he was the first person I’d ever heard bringing the idea of “Spirit” or God into the self-development and business space
  • How I was raised with conflicting ideas about business and sales (I actually wondered if sales itself was ethical)
  • How I realized I had no boldness in me at all—yet, as a kid, I was very gregarious and talkative, but that got shut down, because people were always telling me to shut up
  • How I realized various individuals took my masculinity and boldness away from me—they made it wrong for me to be bold, aggressive, and to go out and lead.

Plus, I share how I rid myself of all the insecurity I had developed. I made a decision that every single person I met, I would start a conversation with them. I would ask them deep, personal, intimate details about their life—as a way to practice being bold and taking authority back in my life over who I wanted to be as a man.


Today ask yourself, “Who am I?” and be bold about it. Be as big, bright, and amazing as you want to be. Then go out and boldly bring that to the world.

Imagine if you were 100% accountable to yourself every single day, nonstop, no excuses.


How different would your life be? How different would your business be?


That’s exactly what I’ll be taking you through in The Elite Mind 90-Day Experience.


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