The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 564 - The Best of 2022 - Part I

The Best of 2022 – Part I


In this 2-part series, we’re bringing you excerpts from the very best of The Successful Mind Podcast this past year. These include some of our most-downloaded episodes, as well as some of our favorite picks.  If any of these jump out at you, you may want to revisit the full episode. We’ve provided links to each below. Enjoy the show!




Episode 453: How to Trust Yourself in the Year Ahead


Every year, millions of people set a New Year’s resolution and don’t do a damn thing with it. When you say you’re going to do something—and you don’t do it—you’re doing damage to your own psychology. You train your mind to believe it’s okay to break trust with yourself. This develops into develop a pattern to where your mind doesn’t trust you.




Episode 464: Rewire your Mind: The Quality of Your Life Equals the Quality of Your Decisions


Anytime you need to do something you don’t want to do in order to reach a goal, you must mentally associate something good or positive to that activity. This will allow you to manifest your goal much quicker.




Episode 465: The Power of Will


When Will Smith was young, his dad taught him and his brother how to build a brick wall. This was slow, grueling work that overwhelmed them. His dad taught him not to focus on the wall, but to focus on laying each brick perfectly. This gave Will a life lesson about persistence, discipline, focus, and goals.




Episode 476: The Desire to Succeed


Whenever a person is struggling or they fail, it’s usually because doubt got into their mind. Whenever doubt creeps into your mind, it attacks what you’re thinking about. Doubt is like a virus. It changes how you’re thinking about something. We start to believe the doubt and get emotionally involved with it.


If you want to reach your vision and goals, and carry out your plan—you must protect your mind from doubt.




Episode 478: Everything is Preparing You for Something Greater


How you meet current challenges will determine how prepared you are for future challenges. I never liked the idea that “God tests people and you have to be prepared to pass the test.” However, I do believe the challenges we experience are preparing us for something bigger and better down the road.




Episode 492: Passion is an Inside Job


People often look in the wrong places to find what they love. We’re programmed to believe we need to “find our passion,” “find our purpose,” or “find something we enjoy doing,” so we can love our work. But this idea keeps people blind to it their whole life.


The truth is, you can decide to change your attitude. Instead of looking at everything through a filter of hate, you can show up in a state of joy, love, and passion to whatever you’re doing. When you do this, you’ll be led right to the thing.




Episode 495: A Conversation with Quan Huynh


I interviewed Quan Huynh about his experience in prison, and how he realized that he didn’t have to view prison as a punishment. Instead, he could view it as an opportunity to remake himself into a better person, while helping other men to do the same. He says the universe’s answer back to him was “Yes.” So he started to go in that positive direction.


For the first time, he began hearing the sparrows chirp. They were probably chirping during his whole person term, but he never heard them until that moment.




Episode 503: Nice is Not a Value


Being “nice” is not a value. Being kind is a value. Being nice is one of the biggest con jobs that people do to themselves and each other. It’s basically the idea that no matter how you feel, you must be nice. And you must trust someone who’s being nice.


Neither of these behaviors are healthy. They can do damage in a person’s life. Trusting someone who’s nice can make you accept someone’s opinion or expertise, without question. And that’s dangerous.




Episode 504: Acres of Wisdom from The Biggest Little Farm


Steph had a strong emotional reaction while watching the documentary, “The Biggest Little Farm.” It’s not a sad documentary—it’s a feel-good documentary. Having grown up with many great memories of being a child on a farm, Steph was amazed at how the documentary reflected universal truths in every aspect—including the law of cause and effect, and the law of polarity.




Episode 516: Sixty: The Rolling Stones


The Rolling Stones have been around for over 60 years, which is an unbelievable accomplishment. The band was formed in 1962, around the same time that the Beatles started to rise.


If you go back to their roots, The Rolling Stones were “blues” guys. In their first albums, they were trying to be the next Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. Eventually. they created their own interpretation of that music. Despite popular belief, they never had a chip on their shoulder about The Beatles. They were friends with them in real life. Their fans created a persona in which they were the rival of The Beatles.




Episode 518: Do You Want to Know the Truth or Do You Want to be Right?


Whenever you get stuck—to the point where you can’t seem to move forward, come to a resolution, or know which decision to make—this indicates that you would rather be right than know the truth. A person will stay stuck if they don’t want to know the truth and if they have a need to be right. This need comes from the ego. It usually stems from childhood as a method of self-preservation.


If you understand how to think, you can move yourself through this. Whether you ask for help or not, you must start training yourself to get to the answer. Otherwise, you’ll never make any progress forward. Let go of what’s untrue about the situation, so you can move to the truth.



Thank you so much for such a wonderful year. We look forward to bringing you even more great content in 2023!



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