A Conversation with David Meltzer

Today my guest is David Meltzer, who is known for how much he gets done in a day. He’s an amazing entrepreneur involved with various TV shows. Even my mentor, Bob Proctor, once asked David how he gets so much done. David’s goal is to empower over a billion people to be happy.


In this episode, David and I have an eye-opening conversation that shatters the illusion of “24 hours” being a limitation in our life. Most people believe time is limited, but David says time is infinite—we just need to focus on it and use it in the right way. We can think about the “trajectory” of where we want to go and use our time in a manner that gets us there—including giving meaning to our past in a way that’s aligned with that trajectory.


We discuss:


  • How David gets so much done and how he manages his various activities each day
  • His thoughts on productivity (paying attention to how much value we’re giving to each minute and hour), accessibility (how we can access skills, knowledge and desire to compound and accelerate the outcomes we want), and gratitude (how we can “find the light, love, and lessons” in everything, including the past)
  • The difference between successful people who do tons of amazing things in 24 hours; versus those who can’t figure out how to make their bed (it’s a matter of prioritization)
  • Why you shouldn’t let your mistakes destroy your credibility—and how “the truth vibrates the fastest”
  • How to effectuate big goals by having daily practices
  • How David constructs his day with planned & unplanned activities, sleep, activities he gets paid for, and activities he doesn’t get paid for
  • How “unplanned time” is important for times when things don’t go as planned—so you can reprioritize your day
  • How to be accountable in 3 realms by saying, “I’m responsible,” “I learned this,” “I attracted this,” and, “I participated in the perception of this”
  • The “biochemical doggy biscuit” we get from giving, receiving, and witnessing others giving and receiving—and why we should ask for help when we need it

David says, “You cannot feel overwhelmed or procrastinate if you know what to do now and know what to do next. And that’s a matter of prioritization.”


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