The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 582 -The Entrepreneur's Guide to Detachment: Letting Go of Fear and Embracing Opportunity

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Detachment: Letting Go of Fear and Embracing Opportunity


Throughout the ages, many great spiritual leaders have talked about the art of detachment. We want good things in our lives, but we don’t want to get attached to them. Even the Ten Commandments say, “Thou shalt not put any other gods before me.”


What’s the difference between expectation and attachment? In business, you can have a healthy mindset of “expecting the sale,” without expecting who it comes from. Attachment can show up during sales calls when a person doesn’t close the sale, and this leads to disappointment. People will often beat themselves up for weeks over a lost sale  or a mistake instead of just learning the lesson, letting it go, and being grateful for the lesson.


There’s a difference between expecting a result and being attached to it. Attachment often stems from the fear that, “I’m not going to get the thing I want.”


In today’s episode we discuss:


  • How NOT listening to your higher self (i.e., your spiritual self, God, or the universe) indicates that something else is influencing your thinking—and instead of doing and creating what you want, an attachment shows up


  • Why being disappointed means you’re not in acceptance of what just happened, so you’re experiencing a negative emotion


  • Why wanting things to be different than they really are isn’t healthy


  • How sales calls are about showing up in service to someone else (not just in service to yourself)


  • How 80% of small business owners hire out of desperation, due to attachment


Everything in our lives is here for a season. But we don’t know how long that season will last or when it will end. When time runs out on a particular thing in our lives, we need to let it go. Be blessed by it, then let it go.


In business, that might look like something that’s not serviceable anymore. It could be a marketing system, a way of selling, an advertising strategy, or something that worked great in the past, but no longer works now. Just let it go, be grateful for how it blessed you, and release it, so that you’re not attached to it.


We can’t bring in anything else good until we detach from whatever we were previously attached to.


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Do you know what causes success to show up in your life? To be honest, when faced with this question most people can’t pinpoint the true cause of success, and that’s a huge problem.


After coaching thousands of entrepreneurs over the years, I can confidently say, the foundation of success is the act of following through on what you say you are going to do.


And the truth is, most people might be able to follow through on their word to someone else, but lack that ability to follow through for themselves. This can lead to all sorts of internal and external issues, like resentment, loss of opportunity, self-sabotage, and so much unrealized potential.


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