Episode 017: They Thought We Were Crazy

There are times in life that we call “Defining Moments”. Where we make a decision to follow our desire and don’t look back. When we are following our purpose and heart’s desire and saying yes to those things…it rules out anything that isn’t part of that vision. BUT there are tremendous distractions out there. If you’re doing something that is not what anyone around you would do, they’ll think you’re crazy! They’ll try to talk you out of it, give you reasons to change your mind, be angry with you, play on your fears and doubts, etc. Today I’m talking with Steph Tuss, my CEO, about our “Defining Moments” and what it was like when we made the decision to say yes to something greater. My wish for you is that if you’re on the verge of making a change for yourself that our stories give you the understanding and inspiration to get through YOUR *Defining Moment*!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why – when you say yes, you don’t have to say no
  • When you are spirit led, success comes easily
  • How your subconscious plays on your doubt
  • The 4 Questions to Evaluate ANY Opportunity