Episode 020 – How Money Moves

I’ve had a ton of questions come in from listeners re: what “Sales” are. I’m known as an Income Acceleration Master because of my effectiveness at teaching others to sell and sell compassionately. In order for a person to be effective at sales you must understand that it’s something to master. When you master it you’re mastering a skillset that will allow you to become financially free and independent of an employer. Generally sales people are the highest paid people in the world but we have to get our minds right around sales in order to succeed. My mentor said to me- “Understand this: sales is not something you do to someone it’s something you do for them.” It was a life changing moment and I’ve been helping people help people through sales for over 20 years because I corrected what was going on in me. I love sales and after this episode, I hope you will too! In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What sales is and is not
  • The 2 Kinds of Sales
  • The inner work to become effective in sales
  • How to address objections (←This!)

Thanks for listening! Links and Resources: The Psychology of Sales program – you can email [email protected] for more information on how to join me for our next sales seminar!