Episode 075: Wake the Hell Up!

If you’re in business, you’re going to have a pain in the ass client.  It’s inevitable. I’ve gotten to a place in my organization where if a client doesn’t do what I tell them to do I’m like Trump in the boardroom. “You’re fired!”

This is about working hard, plain and simple. Why is it that when a person gets in a tough spot in their business they immediately shift to conspiracy thinking around how the world is out to get them?  Settling into being a victim is so much more comfortable, so they sit in it. Magical thinking? How’s that working for you?

Every one of us is going to be challenged in a place where we are weak at some point in our business.  Your weakness is going to be exposed, along with anything you are ashamed about and lives in the shadows.  The sooner you get right with that in your mind the sooner you can grow through it.

When a problem pops up don’t go wide, go deep.  Drill down to the root and you’ll find what you are looking for. Just be aware you may not like what you find.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Who the real enemy in your coaching relationship is and how you must shift to ally thinking 
  • The place where you experience challenge is where you grow the most 
  • How what you are exposed to in your current environment drives your decision making and the slightest suggestion of weakness will grow like a weed