Episode 123: Prosperity & Poverty: One and the Same

“Prosperity and poverty are not two things;
they are merely two sides of one and the same thing.”
~Raymond Holliwell, Working With The Law

When I first heard this my mind was blown, from both an inspirational and aspirational aspect.  It was if I was hearing the truth for the first time and it woke me up to all that was possible. Many people are stuck with the idea that they don’t have enough money and are destined to live below their need line for the rest of their life.  What if I told you that is not the truth? 

Today I want to focus on the Universal Laws and the benefits you will get when you hardwire them into your nervous system. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • The skill set that is making money and what an understanding of Universal Laws can do to help you move forward 
    • An understanding of the mental plane of life and how you’re always creating through the power of your mind 
    • The power of opportunity and how wanting more requires you to grow more 

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