Episode 126: Overcome Any Obstacle

Today I dig into my library to impart some practical thinking around the metaphysical work.  This is not based in magical thinking, far from it. As you go through your life you are guided by your belief system.  This provides the belief that what you want is going to work, helping the mind create the environment based on that belief. But you must remember, a belief is not an intellectual understanding.  

Using some of my favorites like As A Man Thinketh, Your Invisible Power, God Works Through Faith, and You Too Can Be Prosperous, my hope is that you’ll begin to realize that changing a belief is possible with practical application and vigilence.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • That the mind controls the body and how it’s always working to move you forward no matter what the circumstances may be 
    • The force in the Universe that is working for you and how maintaining false beliefs keeps a person in victimhood 
    • The greatest power you possess that is always at your disposal