Episode 142: Finding Happiness

How do you define happiness? For most, it’s that warm, fuzzy feeling that washes over you when things are just clicking.  For others, maybe it’s a little more difficult to pin down. Regardless of where you stand there is a challenge that many people face when considering their own happiness and it’s based on their view of the experience they are having in the moment.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of hardship in the world today.  Even if you have a really good life you’ll likely come up against something that is painful and designed to stop you from moving forward.  The truth is you were never taught happiness, until today. 

Once you start applying the two keys I’m about to share, the realization that happiness is a choice no matter how bad a situation may be, there is complete freedom waiting for you on the other side. Step inside and I’ll help you find your happiness.

Links & Resources 

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