Episode 145: There Are No Shortcuts

I think after being in this industry for so many years, and I’m not just putting this on the people that I worked with, but even in my own behavior and I think in natural human behavior, we have a tendency to look for shortcuts in the things that we want to do. 

If you were not raised with methodically going after something step by step and having those steps laid out for you, then we hit certain areas of discomfort, whether it’s physical discomfort, we get tired or body aches or pains or psychological discomfort because we’re hitting a stretch point in our mind when we’re going after what we want. 

Maybe it’s emotional discomfort because it’s an area where we need to grow through something, whether it’s in business or a relationship. 

We have a tendency to want to find a shortcut or an easier path to the end result that we want. The truth is that, even when a person makes a quantum leap, there are no shortcuts.