Episode 177: Setting Healthy Boundaries

When do you speak up and draw a boundary for yourself when someone is out of line? The answer comes in a lot of forms based on when and how that person crossed a boundary and what the context was when it happened.

If this sounds familiar, and I’m it does, the way to set a healthy boundary is as simple as saying, “I am not now, nor or will I ever be open for this conversation.” You can’t get much clearer than that.

Most of us are taught very little about boundaries when we’re a kid and if we were it was modeled by our parents. There are some things that your parents were very good at, but often times boundaries weren’t one of them. If you grew up in a household with weak boundaries, meaning that your parents allowed people to step over them or they themselves stepped over others, chances are you’ll have weak boundaries yourself. The way to navigate this is the focus of today’s episode.


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