Episode 185: The Terror Barrier

It’s insidious how your subconscious mind will stop you from breaking a paradigm and setting up a new series of belief systems in order to get the success you desire. Here’s one way it happens.

When you set a new goal for yourself your subconscious mind automatically allows you to get excited about it. It may even create a bit of fear or apprehension around the goal, but in that moment it does very little to try and stop you. So why doesn’t everyone succeed? It comes down to commitment.

If you’ve set a goal that you did not see all the way through you broke your own commitment. In the process you set up a pattern where you stop, continuously repeating that pattern over and over again. Your subconscious mind doesn’t need to do anything in the moment that you make the decision to try to stop you.

The truth is nobody truly fails, they quit. Failure does not exist without your participation in it, and your participation in failure is to quit on yourself. It’s time to stop hiding from your problems and break through your own terror barrier once and for all.