Episode 187: Reality vs. Truth

One of the biggest misconceptions in the self improvement industry is the idea that what a person is experiencing in their life is just an illusion.  I think that this is a huge disservice to tell people that and nothing productive can come from it. 

People want to know how they can become more successful. How they can become healthier in both mind and body. How they can be better in various areas of their life where they may seem to be falling short.   The idea I want to drive home here is that what you are experiencing in your life, which we call our reality, is not always based in the truth. In fact, the truth encompasses so much more than what you are experiencing.

My goal for the Successful Mind Podcast is to continually provide you with amazing teachings and information that you can then use in your own life of business. For this reason, this year I’m going to be adding a very special show called “What’s the Truth?”. Each month I’m going to select one person to be a guest on my show who would like help seeing what’s really going on with a problem or challenge that they’ve been struggling with. My goal is to help this person uncover a hidden blind spot that’s been keeping them from the success they desire. If you’d like to be considered as a guest for this show, please text TRUTH to 469-447-7775. Again…text TRUTH to 469-447-7775.

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