Episode 188: Conor McGregor & Embracing Your Dark Side

I recently had the pleasure of watching an MMA fight where my favorite fighter, Conor McGregor, was featured. I’ve been following Conor’s career for quite some time and it was interesting to see him make a dark turn in recent years. He was demonstrating some bizarre behavior and really went down a dark road after achieving massive success and reaching the pinnacle of his sport.

We’ve seen this play out happen time and time again, especially when it comes to high profile athletes, musicians, and those with celebrity. They reach a certain level of fame, begin to surround themselves with unsavory characters, and the next thing you know they are involved with drugs, alcohol and engaging in nefarious behavior. This date with their dark side often ends with the person destroying themselves slowly over time. It is this dark period in their life that I want to delve deeper into and how often times it is too much to overcome with the fall being swift and severe.

My goal for the Successful Mind Podcast is to continually provide you with amazing teachings and information that you can then use in your own life of business. For this reason, this year I’m going to be adding a very special show called “What’s the Truth?”. Each month I’m going to select one person to be a guest on my show who would like help seeing what’s really going on with a problem or challenge that they’ve been struggling with. My goal is to help this person uncover a hidden blind spot that’s been keeping them from the success they desire. If you’d like to be considered as a guest for this show, please text TRUTH to 469-447-7775. Again…text TRUTH to 469-447-7775.

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