Episode 204: Burnout, Balance & B.S.

What’s the deal with living a balanced life? What is burnout? What is the truth behind this hot button issue? 

There’s been so much written about balance when it comes to life and business or life and work for as long as I can remember. More and more people are pushing balance and truth be told, I have a major issue with it. This idea is steeped in middle-class mindset.

When you look at the way people live their lives, sometimes you find out that whatever the person did for their work or their contribution in life for the majority of time you find out that other areas of their lives suffered. We automatically assume that this is wrong. This is where I call BS. If we come from the place that everybody has a purpose in life and that the purpose itself should be number one, we remove a lot of paradigms about what people think the reason of our life is actually for.