Episode 247: The Last Dance & Setting the Highest Standard

“There is a price for winning and there is a price for leadership.”
~Michael Jordan, The Last Dance

For those who don’t know, I’m not much of a sports fan. That being said, I do enjoy studying greatness and the magnificent teams that come together to do something special.  With that in mind, I’ve been devouring the EPSN docuseries, The Last Dance, which chronicles the sixth and final championship won by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  

When looking at this docuseries from the perspective of leadership, love him or hate him, Michael Jordan demanded more from his teammates and would settle for nothing less than their absolute best.  His high level of consistent excellence is irrefutable, making him the greatest basketball player of his generation and arguably the greatest of all time.  He set the standard so high there was no way he would allow those around him to mail it in.  It wasn’t in his makeup and shouldn’t be in yours.  

The average person won’t be able to wrap their mind around this man and the commitment he brought to his craft. In this episode I breakdown Jordan’s intense mindset and how you can apply it to your business to bring out  your best on a consistent basis. 

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