Episode 268: Manifesting Miracles Week – A Study In A Course In Miracles – Part II – The Final Vision

Welcome to Day 2 of Manifesting Miracles Week – A Study in A Course In Miracles. On today’s episode I’m going in-depth into The Final Vision. Can’t wait to share it with you. 

Do you want to stop living in lies? Do you want to stop living in fear and lack of trust? Do you want to find the truth so you can change your situation and go from good to great?

Your image of yourself will not change on the outside until it changes on the inside.

In this episode you will learn:

— How to prepare your mind to accept the idea of changing the authority so that you can come from a more empowered place

— How to develop personal growth as your fundamental value system. By doing so realizing that “learning is change”, you will be able to create what it is you want on the outside

— How to change your perception from lies to truth so you can stop going down the same path, and start going down the path of transformation

Let me show you how to take back the power in your life to recreate your story.

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