Episode 269: Manifesting Miracles Week – A Study In A Course In Miracles – Part III – The Awakening

Welcome to Day 3 of Manifesting Miracles Week – A Study in A Course In Miracles. On today’s episode I’m going into the chapter titled The Awakening, specifically The Closing of the Gap, The Coming of the Guest, & God’s Witness.

Are you tired of managing fear and managing what is safe and what is not safe? Tired of feeling as all your paths are rough and too difficult to follow? Tired of feeling paralyzed by the non-truths in your life?

Get ready to replace the falseness, nothingness, littleness, pain, and fear, with truth, peace, and love.

In this episode you will learn:

— There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent…. nothing is outside of God

— Safety is always threatened when we’re hanging on to a false belief and illusion and refuse to step into the truth

— Whatever you experience that is being lost, once you give, will be give back to you

Let me show you how to take back your authority and step into your transformation.

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