The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 404 - There's Something In Me I Don't Want To See

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 404 – There’s Something In Me I Don’t Want To See

Our subconscious mind is brilliant at protecting us from threats. Once we’ve established a pattern in our mind, the subconscious will cause us to go into “confusion” around anything that goes against the pattern or makes us feel unsafe.

This can show up as us getting upset, being stuck, sabotaging ourselves, and not moving forward.

Whenever you hear something that threatens an unconscious pattern in you, your mind will create confusion, so that you don’t see the truth about what’s going on.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • Most unconscious patterns involve our own resistance, judgment, and control towards something
    • Resistance keeps us safe from having to look at ourselves and change something in our own thinking or behavior 
    • When we judge and label others, we’re projecting our inner fear, wound, pain, problem, or insecurity onto people, places, and things
    • If you’re not experiencing the results you want, you’re in resistance to something
    • When you have the same “problem” over and over again, it’s because you can’t see the truth about something
    • You can’t see the truth, because your mind wants to see whatever it needs to see, in order to verify its pattern
    • You keep seeing the same problem, because you’re still recognizing it as being in your life


Think of the last time you got seriously upset about something. Realize that situation is calling you to grow in some area. It’s an indication of where you’re being called to grow next.

Due to the Law of Polarity, nothing can be “all bad” or “all good.” If there’s something bad about it, there has to be something good about it. How is the situation reflecting something about you that you don’t want to see?


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