The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Gone Too Soon

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 411 – Full Throttle Thursday – Gone Too Soon

Today BT and I are delving into some interesting topics we don’t normally cover, including celebrities and famous people who died way too young. Think: the “27 Club”—people who left this world around age 27. Many of them abused drugs and alcohol, lived a hard life, and lost themselves to fame.

Celebrity status is so interesting, because you’re dealing with people who go from having nothing—to all of a sudden, having a limitless, exhaustive amount of money to spend on whatever they want. This does something very interesting to a person spiritually, if they’re not grounded in themselves.

In today’s episode we discuss:


    • Why “age 27” seems to be a turning point for many people, where they enter a maturing process
    • A Human Design reading I had once that was very accurate
    • How numerology and astrology readings can be accurate, but you’ve also got to be careful with them, because they can lock you into certain “ideas” about yourself
    • You’re not limited to anything that happens during a “reading”—because you have conscious choice; you can choose to do something different in regards to what you know about yourself
    • Why many celebrities who died early just sort of spiritually “checked out”
    • The idea of connecting to your own mortality and understanding that you can go at any time; nothing is promised or guaranteed—so you really have to live for today


Fame is not all glitz and glam. A lot of nasty stuff goes on behind the scenes that’s absolutely bonkers.

We touch on entertainers who died in their 20s and 30s including Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Brian Jones, Sharon Tate, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Tupac, Chris Farley—and others who died way too soon, like Anthony Bourdain, Kobe Bryant, and more.


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