The Successful Mind Podcast - Full Throttle Thursday - Epic Migrations & Bracing for the Armadillo Apocalypse

Full Throttle Thursday – Epic Migrations & Bracing for the Armadillo Apocalypse


Animals and insects are known to make epic migrations throughout the world. They’ll go thousands of miles and even put their own lives at risk to do what they know is right. Sometimes it takes generations for these animals to make the move, but they’re programmed to keep pushing forward. 


Recently, armadillos have been migrating from their southern lands into the western part of North Carolina. The last time this happened was about 10 years ago. What’s interesting is that the media is using this natural migration—and many other “news” stories—to make everyone afraid.


A study showed that if you can keep people in fear for two months, you can basically program their mind to accept anything. The media is constantly playing off of our fears, while suggesting that “there’s something coming after you”—whether it’s the O-variant, some other variant, climate change, or the armadillo apocalypse.


In this episode, BT and I discuss:


    • Why, if you don’t have anything solid to grab onto psychologically, you’ll stay stuck in fear—and you’ll become extremely programmable and will buy into anything


    • The epic migrations of monarch butterflies, humpback whales, leatherback sea turtles, wildebeests, Arctic terns, salmon, love bugs in Florida, armadillos, and more


    • Why people are leaving major cities in large numbers, due to the exploding homeless population (and this also counts as a form of migration)


    • What happened to people’s minds after the Dust Bowl and World War II


    • Where the idea of the American dream originally came from—and how “certainty” and “safety” overtook humans’ desire to live their purpose


Animals migrating is nothing new. Migration patterns change based on the weather all the time. The armadillo are simply following their purpose…as humans should be doing too.


The way nature goes about doing things is very intuitive, and humans have that same ability to follow their own internal guidance.


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