The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 493 - Grow Your Sense of Self-Responsibility

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 493 – Mindset Monday’s – Grow Your Sense of Self-Responsibility

One of the greatest things you can consistently do, is to grow your sense of self-responsibility. Everything you achieve and everything you fail to achieve is the direct result of your own thoughts—that’s responsibility right there. 

Any time you’re stuck, you can ask yourself, “Where am I with my self-responsibility right now?” Check to see if there’s any part of your psychology that’s blaming, going into self pity, or making excuses because you’re afraid to step up to the next level.

In today’s episode I’m teaching from As A Man Thinketh (from the chapter titled, “The Thought Factor in Achievement”), which discusses this idea of self-responsibility.

You’ll learn:


    • The more you grow your self-responsibility, the more empowered you are
    • God is good all the time, so even if someone in your life is a pain in your butt, there’s something good about the situation that you might not be recognizing
    • The moment you start to move into acceptance, you see things differently 
    • Why you should always look for the blessing even in a challenging situation
    • Why you can’t coach a client to their full potential if they can’t see the vision for themselves (they have to reach the place where they want change)


Throughout the day ask yourself, “What is important right now?” This is a great question to subconsciously program your mind to stay on track. It keeps the hierarchy of what you need to do right in front of your mind.


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