The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 499 - Three Steps to Mastering Sales

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 499 – Mindset Monday’s – Three Steps to Mastering Sales

To become a master salesperson, you must first address your own attitude and belief about sales. If you don’t address this first, you’ll have trouble with everything else—including hiring amazing salespeople and building a sales team.

All people are born salespeople. Selling is not only required for human life to exist, but to continue moving forward. It’s in our genes to sell. Anytime two people come together, one person will sell the other on SOMETHING.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:


    • The 2 kinds of sales—a “need” sale (where a person needs something but doesn’t necessarily want it) and a sale where someone knows they want something, and they just need to figure out how to get it and move past the obstacles in their way
    • Why I made a decision early on, to learn to love sales and to be extremely passionate about it
    • Why it’s a mistake to let your potential client sell you on the reasons why they can’t do something
    • 3 things to learn before you start hiring sales people (these are: how to find potential clients, how to sell them—i.e., “close the sale”—and how to develop a continued relationship with them, so that more sales or referrals come out of it)
    • Why you shouldn’t ever be afraid to NOT make a sale (I believe this is simply a decision you can make)


Sales requires a lot of work. You must know your product or service inside out and understand how it benefits someone else. You have to develop people skills, improve your ability to have a conversation, ask for what you want, and listen. You have to pay attention to the objections you get and the questions people ask you about your product or service—what it does, how long will it take, and everything else involved. It’s different for every business, product, and service.

You must also have a strong self-image and build up your belief in yourself to succeed at sales. If you don’t, a potential client will see that a mile away.


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