The Law of Vibration & The Power of Consistency – Part I

What causes success? Many people struggle because they don’t know what actions are successful and which actions aren’t. They don’t know how to think successfully. Most of their “thinking” is based on information they’ve been given throughout life, which is not conducive to success, but to safety.


Success is about doing the right things over and over again. When you take successful actions in a successful way every day, over a period of time, you will have success. The more complicated you make this in your mind, the more difficult it will be to wrap your mind around it and actually pull something off.


To be successful, you must first understand the Law of Vibration—which states that everything in the universe operates on a frequency, including us.


In this episode you’ll learn:



  • What controls your vibration (or frequency)

  • Whenever you use your senses to observe something, your observation of it take place INSIDE of you, thanks to “cells of recognition” that are programmed in your mind

  • All the information in your mind was given to you by other people, including all the meanings, labels, ideas, instructions, and directions for everything you use in life

  • Your life is being directed by pattern recognition—and the understanding of those who raised you

  • If you weren’t raised by people who were conscious of success, then you were raised by people who were conscious of safety

  • The opposite of success is safety

  • Success is about expansion and growth; NOT having success is about attempting to stay the same and living under the false belief of safety


Plus, I share how money was never my problem (even though I believed it was). My real problem was that I couldn’t identify an opportunity that would allow me to break out of the situation I was in.


Ask yourself: What do you want that you’re not currently getting? What information do you have in your mind about it? Is this information helping you be successful, or is it keeping you “safe” and stuck?


What ideas are you taking in on a regular basis to help change your mind, so you can see the opportunity for success that’s already all around you?


With the right information, you can change the cells of recognition in your mind, to be able to see something different. This changes your brain chemistry, so that you can see the opportunity.

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