The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 563 - How to Navigate Holiday Gatherings

How to Navigate Holiday Gatherings


Are you prepared to navigate holiday gatherings this season? During this time of year, Steph and I get tons of questions on how to deal with family, boundaries, and heated conversations. 

Clients will often ask: “How can I stay in an abundance mindset when I’m surrounded by parents and extended family who have different beliefs than me?” “How do I talk with my family about my business?” “How do I not get triggered?”

Most of us love our families and want to connect with them during the holidays. Being around different energy dynamics can be challenging, especially while traveling.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How people in tend to put each other in a box—where they expect you to be a certain way


  • How your parents and grandparents see you the same way they saw you as a child—through the lens of the limitations, behaviors, and emotions you had as a kid


  • How I observed my family having the same conversations year after year—and the story of how my mom negatively reacted after I bought her a Christmas gift that she said she wanted


  • Why family members judge you and get triggered by who you’re becoming (hint: whenever you change, you force others around you to change, because they have to adapt to your change)


  • How comments like “Must be nice” are passive aggressive—and what you can do to change the conversation to something more positive


  • Why Steph refuses to ask her husband how his day was, and what she asks instead


  • How to navigate holiday gatherings like a champ with simple strategies

Steph shares 3 conversation starters that can help you learn more about your family and connect with them on a deeper level:

1) If you could relive a past year of your life because it was so good—which year would you re-live, and why?

2) What are you most excited about in your life right now?

3) What are you grateful that you never have to do again?

BT also shares his 3 “no fail” steps to take if you want to avoid minefields this holiday:

1) Have no expectations.

2) Be flexible.

3) Use the S.T.O.P. Strategy.


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