Inside The Episode: Episode 173 – Transformation 2020~Planning for a New Decade Part I

Today, David & BT go inside Episode 173 -Transformation 2020~Planning for a New Decade Part I. David talks about how his business has changed over the course of the decade, the importance of knowing how your results, circumstances, and environment effect your mindset, as well as the difference between genetic programming and environmental programming. He also revisits how shame and guilt stop you from striving for what you truly desire.


My goal for the Successful Mind Podcast is to continually provide you with amazing teachings and information that you can then use in your own life of business. For this reason, this year I’m going to be adding a very special show called “What’s the Truth?”. Each month I’m going to select one person to be a guest on my show who would like help seeing what’s really going on with a problem or challenge that they’ve been struggling with. My goal is to help this person uncover a hidden blind spot that’s been keeping them from the success they desire. If you’d like to be considered as a guest for this show, please text TRUTH to 469-447-7775. Again…text TRUTH to 469-447-7775.


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