The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 389 - We Live In Truth

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 389 – We Live In Truth

Growth is a moving target that we never fully reach, and this makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Most people would rather avoid growth than go through it. Change and growth are threatening for many people. But if we’re not growing, we’re dying. 

If you want to set yourself free (from an awareness perspective) in this lifetime… then you have to WANT to change, and you have to WANT to know the truth. We need to face the truth of why we’re here, and what we were created to be.

Today BT and I are going deeper into what it means to “live in truth.” We discuss:


    • How I discovered the work of Sterling Sill (he wrote the book, The Laws of Success and comes from the LDS community)
    • Thurman Fleet’s background as a chiropractor (he was involved in the healing arts and taught his students about how the mind works)
    • Fleet’s philosophy on how higher consciousness can heal the body, and how we can stay in the right vibration
    • Why you should “test” all information for yourself to see if it’s accurate (and this strengthens your belief in it)
    • Why it takes so long to get out of negative programming and replace it with accurate thinking
    • How to strengthen your focus—and not be distracted by outside influences or be reactive to circumstances that pop up


Plus, I share a story I’ve never shared before about an old friend whose wife was threatened by the possibility of him changing his life for the better.

Links & Resources

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