The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 405 - See No Evil

The Successful Mind Podcast – Inside Episode 405 – See No Evil

If you see evil, it’s because on some level, you believe in that evil. (You can also substitute “evil” for anything undesirable—e.g., problems, tragedies, negative patterns, etc.) You’re creating it, but it’s not necessarily there. It’s all based on your belief system. 

In today’s episode, BT and I are going deeper into what it means to “see no evil”—and why we need to see the vision for our life instead. 

You’ll learn:

    • Positive growth requires taking a risk—and you must be willing to release control and let the universe show you what’s next
    • Asking yourself the two questions, “Am I able?” and “Am I willing?” is necessary to move forward and be successful
    • Not knowing what you want—or not seeing a vision or goal that you’re interested in—is a sign that you’re resisting being, doing, or having something 
    • If you want to get out of resistance, you must adjust your thinking and be honest about what you want
    • Why it’s so difficult for most people to see that they’re in resistance to something
    • How BT views risk (and how his wife, Steph Tuss, views risk completely differently)—plus, BT shares his early experience with opening an Edible Arrangements franchise 
    • How you’re showing up in your business and your relationships is connected to something you acquired in childhood


We also discuss what it means to be triggered by something. For example, when you see “evil” (or problems) in the outside world and you get triggered by it, ask yourself, “What do I not yet understand about this, that’s causing me to react this way?” Go to the ends of the earth to figure out what it is. Once you understand it—it could be the next big thing that allows you to become aware of an opportunity, or create a quantum leap in what you’re doing.

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