The Successful Mind Podcast - Inside Episode 359 - The Premise of Pursuit

Inside Episode 359 – The Premise of Pursuit


The Universe can only give you what you pursue in it. Unfortunately, fear stops most people from pursuing what they desire—including fear of rejection in sales. Elite people move past their fears.


If you’ve ever wanted to be an elite person…you must rewire and reprogram your brain to think like an elite person. One of the best ways to do this is by “doing a little more than what you said you’d do yesterday.” By adopting this philosophy, you’ll stay on a path of continuous growth and keep moving forward.


In today’s episode BT and I dive deeper into “the premise of pursuit.” You’ll learn:


  • How I went from being the person everyone wanted to fire, to working for a company where everyone thought I’d come down from heaven—because there wasn’t anything I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do


  • Three things I changed in my attitude when I was driving a forklift, that caused me to increase my income


  • How to build and create a rock-solid habit of following through on what you start


  • Why acting like you love what you do changes your whole experience and lets you see the opportunities all around you


  • Why you need to understand things on an emotional level, not just an intellectual level (or else you don’t really “know” it)—and you have to be willing to make mistakes


Price Pritchett said, “You must leave the cover of safety that goes with merely wishing for something. You must place your trust in action. Ask, seek, knock, and the dream shall be yours.”


How many doors aren’t open to you, because you didn’t knock on them?


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