The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 588 -Master Your Mind: Understanding Your Current Operating System

Master Your Mind: Understanding Your Current Operating System


Someone recently asked us, “What do you do?” Here at Life is Now, Inc., we’re basically business consultants. But our secret sauce is that we help you uncover your current “operating system”—a.k.a. your mindset.


As a business owner, your mindset is responsible for your results. If you don’t know what your operating system is, then you don’t know what needs to change in order to get different results. We help people understand their operating system, while helping them strategically move forward to get the results they want. So, our work is based in two parts—mindset and strategy.


In this episode, we discuss:


  • The meaning of “mindset”—and how your operating system comes from the experiences you had as a child and how you were raised


  • How growing up in the middle class creates a middle-class operating system, which is very different from an entrepreneurial operating system


  • 3 things that have the biggest impact on your operating system—your core wound, your core fear, and your core negative belief (and how to change these)


  • How people are born to be a success, but our programming often gets in the way of this


  • Why business owners tolerate underperforming employees due to their core wound, core fear, and core negative belief—rather than hiring someone who is a better performing employee


  • How most people’s core wounds are generally the same—either you’re not lovable or you’re not worthy


  • How adults live like infants, constantly looking at everything through the unconscious lens of, “How can I get my needs met?”


Everyone’s operating system works under the law of cause and effect. Your internal vision of yourself, your external vision of your world, and your strategy to work with both are all governed by the law of cause and effect.


Your operating system is causing your results to show up. Your results include your circumstances, your environment, and the people, places, and things in your life. If you don’t like your current results, then you have to change your operating system to get a different result.


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