Never Quit When Things Get Hard

2024 is a year to do amazing things…AND I believe it will be one of the most challenging years we’ve ever seen. Laws are changing. Innovation is speeding up. Different ideas are being brought to the table when it comes to business. So many changes are taking place, for many different reasons. Most people aren’t paying attention to what’s happening around them.


Many people get locked into one way of doing things—until suddenly, they look up and the unexpected has happened (like Covid), forcing them to change. People’s difficulties are created by their beliefs—consciously and unconsciously—about the world.


The key idea we need to embrace is, “never quit when it gets hard.” How have you approached difficult times in the past? What have you learned from them? Have you created a plan to change how you’re going to deal with difficult things in the future?


In this episode, I discuss:


  • The massive change—and possibly even chaos—that’s about to take place in 2024 with elections, wars, and many other messy problems that humanity is trying to move through
  • How we can acknowledge and accept that we’re in a difficult times, so that we can psychologically prepare for what needs to be done in our own life and business this year
  • How many of us were raised with the psychological construct of “hard work” and how we self-identify with it
  • How people drop like flies when things get hard
  • Why believing that “things have to be hard” makes you look through a lens of perception that actually makes them hard (and this becomes exhausting)
  • How you can make some basic changes in your thinking and your belief system that will allow you to sail right through difficult times


Your ability to think through a challenging situation can save your business. What makes something “hard” is your perception of it.


If you change the first fundamental belief in your thinking to, “Success is easy”—something shifts. By installing this as a belief in your mind, you’ll literally begin to see things through a very different lens. The solution to your problem will come to you quicker, and it will be easy.


Start telling yourself that “success is easy”—that earning a lot of money is easy. You’ll start to attract the easiest path that exists in the universe. You’ll move through it very, very quickly.

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