The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 570 - The Fear Factor: How to Turn it into a Business Asset

The Fear Factor: How to Turn it into a Business Asset

Overcoming fear in business is a struggle for most entrepreneurs, to the point where they feel completely paralyzed and without any hope to move forward. They feel fear in their body when they need to make certain business decisions—like shooting a video, doing a Facebook Live, hiring someone, firing someone, or having a difficult conversation. When we dig deeper, it usually boils down to them being afraid of what people will think of them. 


The truth is, fear shows you where you need to grow next. It’s always on your growth edge. There’s a scene in the television show Billions where a character says something to the effect, “I love fear. I live for fear, because it tells me exactly where I need to go. It literally points you in the direction you need to go.”

Having that difficult conversation, taking that unfamiliar action step you’ve never taken before, is part of your growth. It’s how you’re going to move your company forward. 


In this episode, we discuss:


  • Where fear comes from, why humans experience fear, and how the ego plays into it


  • The difference between biological fear versus fears that are totally made up in our mind


  • Why it’s incorrect thinking to say you’re afraid of success or failure


  • How fear hijacks your brain and why you need to use your intellect to think through what you’re actually afraid of


  • How most people are “three feet from gold”and yet don’t know how close they are to success


  • How you and your business are being controlled by things that aren’t even real


  • How the more successful a person becomes, the less fear they have


We fear what we don’t understand. Fear is based on either something that is a known threat or a perceived threat. We have to be willing to sacrifice our made-up (emotional) fears for data—because data removes fear. Data gives you information, so that you can make decisions based on facts, rather than emotions or something that’s purely made up in your mind. 


You can either be paralyzed by fear, or you can embrace the overcoming fear in business idea to achieve your dreams. What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Asking yourself this question induces thinking in a different direction.


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