Overcoming Guilt and Shame Around Success

I help business owners dramatically increase their income in short periods of time. When I first started doing this work, I was surprised that many of my clients would make a lot of money—and then feel embarrassment, shame, and guilt, as if they’d done something wrong. Their increased income was reflecting their own belief system and self-image.


Our whole life, most of us were taught that it’s supposed to be “hard” to make money. We’re told, “You can’t have it all.” “You can’t have everything you want.” “You shouldn’t buy more than you need.” “You shouldn’t want more.” “Don’t go into debt, don’t overspend.” “Learn to live within your means, so you don’t get yourself into trouble.” These ideas contradict our ability to control our income and create however much we want.


Because of these messages we repeatedly heard, many people find it challenging to uncover what they truly want in life. I have a process that helps people overcome the difficulty around this.


Making money is actually easy if you follow the right steps—but people often have a value conflict inside of themselves. One part of their personality wants to make a lot of money, but another part says, “You can’t do that unless it’s hard.”


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • It’s human nature to want things and have desires—and it’s only through the use of things that we can expand our life
  • Your desire opens like a flower inside of you, and it points you in the right direction—but it must be nurtured and brought to the surface
  • Why some people have a difficult time accepting the good in their life; even if their income goes up and they’re making progress, they have a difficult time accepting it
  • How we develop a pattern inside of ourselves, where we put other people’s opinions before our own desires (because mom and dad didn’t care about what we wanted)
  • Why you must stop surrounding yourself with people who want to limit you, based on your past mistakes
  • How saying “yes” to your desires will open up something wonderful, beautiful, and magical inside of you that you previously didn’t know was there—and it points your life in a direction of why you’re actually here


Plus, I share an exercise to help you start saying “yes” to the things you desire.

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