The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 578 - Supercharge Your Success: Embrace the Power of Expectation

Supercharge Your Success: Embrace the Power of Expectation


What does fake it till you make it really mean? It’s not about lying—it’s about acting as if the outcome you want were already true. It’s about EXPECTING something to show up, while acting without doubt. But how do you actually do this when you have doubts?


Doubt is a negative faith in the wrong direction. It’s uncertainty manifested in your mind. It shows up as a lack of confidence, a lack of good energy, an incongruence  in what you’re communicating with the universe. It causes you not to believe the thing you want will show up.


If you have doubt, it’s because you’re missing some level of truth in your thinking. You’re evaluating things incorrectly, due to not understanding the laws of the universe. Understanding the truth can eliminate all doubt.


In today’s episode we discuss:


  • Why treating yourself like a millionaire isn’t just about the money—it’s about how you treat YOU, how you live, and what you value


  • How raising your standard in life causes you to expect more and behave as if you expect more—then the thing you expect starts showing up


  • Why you’ll always get what you need when you need it 


  • How entrepreneurs doubt that they can afford to hire someone, because they think they need to make more money first—but truth is, they can’t make more money until AFTER they hire, because they’re at capacity


  • How acting with expectation that your business will grow means you’re hiring before before the evidence of “money” shows up


The Bible illustrates this idea of expectation. If you’re praying for rain to show up, then you need to dig the ditches and prepare in advance—so that you have something to catch the rain when it comes. (II Book of Kings, 3:16-19).


Taking action—even when there’s no evidence of rain in sight—is an act of faith and expectation. It shows that you believe the thing you desire will show up. Meanwhile, the doubting person just sits there, makes fun of everyone, and says, You’re crazy, this will never happen.


Doubt is actually a strategy for the working class. It keeps them from risking too much, so they don’t get into trouble. Doubt keeps them in a familiar position all their lives, so they never stretch into something beyond their comprehension.


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