Reframe What You Can Afford

Many people would love to do certain things in their life, but they believe they can’t afford to do them. Recently I overheard a conversation where most of the people were talking as if they can’t afford to live the life that they want. I frequently run into people who tell me about the things they’d love to do, and they just don’t have the money to do it.


If you’ve ever found yourself talking like that, this episode is for you. It’s all about getting yourself to think differently about the position you think you’re stuck in.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:


  • How to break through the limitation of what most people believe their life has to be
  • Why achieving an above average level of wealth is actually very easy
  • What would happening if you could make 50% more income—and why you’re much closer to this than you probably realize
  • Earning money is a skill set—it’s not tied to luck, chance, a job, or what other people think of you
  • Why most people have an underlying sense of vulnerability and even anxiety, because their welfare hangs on someone else paying them (e.g., a job)
  • What your life could be like if you weren’t strapped to the hip of someone else, or tied to an income that doesn’t give you what you truly want


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