Student Spotlight: Rosanne Austin

Today I’m speaking with my client, Rosanne Austin, creator of the Fearlessly Fertile Method. Formerly a prosecutor turned fertility coach, Rosanne helps women struggling with fertility issues improve their mindset, so they can finally get—and stay—pregnant.  Before that, she prosecuted sexual assault cases. Her goal is to help 100,000 women get and stay pregnant in the next ten years. She helps women let go of guilt and shame, while allowing themselves to have exactly what they want in life.


Desiring to have a baby, at the age of 37, Rosanne was told by medical professionals that, “There’s no hope for you,” and that she needed donor eggs. She rejected what the “white coats” were telling her, and decided to follow the internal voice inside of her. Rosanne tried to “pound the problem with medicine”—driving hundreds of miles a week to get IVF treatments at a top hospital. She took all the right supplements, had an immaculate diet, and still nothing worked.


Finally she realized, “The problem was me.” Somehow along the way, she had picked up the idea that “having a baby in your late 30s is hard.” She also discovered internal beliefs that were preventing her from having a child. Once she changed these beliefs about herself, she was able to have a baby boy.


In this episode, Rosanne and I discuss:


  • Her journey to become pregnant
  • Her “rock bottom” moment when she realized there was nowhere else for her to go, except to look inward
  • Why Rosanne decided to coach with me, and what her biggest transformation and learning was
  • Why she started going after what she truly wanted—including buying two Rolex watches, Chanel bags, and other beautiful things
  • How Rosanne used her miscarriage as a catalyst to tell herself, “I know something bigger is coming for me”—and how she finally had a healthy son at age 43


“I was more fertile in my 40s than I was in my 30s because of the way I was thinking,” Rosanne says.

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