The Door to Opportunity Will Instantly Open For You

More and more people are struggling with finances, so today’s episode will help you shift your thinking around this issue. I’m going to help you reflect on what you’ve done over the past year, and think about where you’ll be going next year.


For many years, I worked with my mentor, Bob Proctor, who often said, “A goal is not about getting anything.” Goals give your life direction. They show you what you need to BECOME. Goals put you in a position where you can start to develop yourself, become more, be more—and in being more, you can DO more, and then HAVE more. But it all starts with you becoming more.


The problem is, we’ve been raised to believe we have to “get” things first (e.g., money) before we can do and have what we want. This idea gets deeply programmed into people’s minds and keeps them stuck.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • Why having a “job” doesn’t allow you to become the best that you can be
  • Jobs were created in a way that you could become the best you needed to be for the job you had
  •  In order to create the finances you want, you must have a “vehicle” through which you can “be more”
  • Earning a lot of money in a past corporate job doesn’t have anything to do with creating wealth in your own business
  •  In a job, you don’t have to ask anyone for money or make sales
  • Making a sale and asking for money are the 2 things that bring money into your business
  • If you start your own business, you have to become skilled at sales and you need to master the ability to ask for money every single day


What do you really want to do with your life? What is tugging at your heart? What do you find yourself drawn to?


If you want to be more and have more, you may find that you’re in the wrong vehicle. You can make whatever amount of money you want. You can turn your annual income into a monthly income—and you can do it this month, if you have the right vehicle to do so.


If you reverse the way you’re thinking about a problem, the door to opportunity will instantly open for you—and whatever you need will begin to show up.

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