The Spirit of Opulence & Beauty


When you hear the truth you know it. Beauty and Opulence can be found in nature at every turn. It’s in the sun rising over the grand canyon, it’s in a snowflake, it’s the tide of the ocean, you just have to be open to seeing it.


There is a spiritual message there for us — to recognize the beauty and opulence that’s within each of us and bring it forth. One of my favorite authors, Thomas Troward, wrote the Spirit of Opulence & Beauty and it is one hell of a study.


These two lessons are so important to how you view both your inside and outside world. I hope you’ll get as much out of Troward’s work as I did when my mentor, Bob Proctor, shared them with me.


I’ve included a link to the pdf transcript of these lessons so you can listen and make it a study! It will help you change the way you see your world.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The Spirit of Opulence and Beauty


  • How to Practice the Spirit of Opulence and Beauty


  • The Difference Between a Giving and Receiving Mindset


  • How Judgment Affects Our Ability to See Beauty


Links and Additional Resources


The Spirit of Opulence and Beauty by Thomas Troward
(I’d recommend downloading this before listening!)


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Episode #321 – Thomas Troward’s Entering Into the Spirit of It – Part II


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