The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 574 - The Golden Rule of Company Culture: How the Law of Reciprocity Drives Success

The Golden Rule of Company Culture: How the Law of Reciprocity Drives Success


Company culture is important. Earlier this year, Steph was using ChatGPT for some work while traveling to San Diego in first class. Tim Collins, the businessman seated next to her, became interested in this and started a conversation. Tim owns a power washing business in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his establishment was completely destroyed by fire. His insurance only covered a small portion of the losses.


The following morning, Tim’s entire team knocked on his front door and presented him with a strategy for how they could continue. For the purpose of going out and doing jobs, they contacted other competitors, borrowed equipment, and brought both their own cars and the cars of their friends. Tim’s story is incredible, and it shows how important it is to hire A players, build a strong company culture, and show your team a lot of appreciation. 


Wouldn’t you love to have a team like Tim’s that rallies behind your cause?


In this episode, we talk about:


  • How business owners in service-based industries like home improvement, home repair, and home remodeling often have trouble keeping good employees and finding new ones.


  • How Tim’s company made the most money in the month everything burned down, and how his team completely rebuilt and haven’t looked back since.


  • Why Tim invests in his team, pays them well, gets to know them and their families, and appreciates and rewards them for helping him reach his goals


  • If you want to build a high-performing team, it’s important to create psychological safety within your team, be clear on what your culture is, appreciate your A players, and pay them well for the work they do.


  • How your people are your business (and not your building or service). 


  • Three things Tim does to keep a good team together


If you don’t look after the people who work for you, they won’t look after you. It’s called the law of reciprocity. You get back what you put in. What you put out is what you get back. If you put out things that aren’t good, it will come back at you.


Does your bus have the right people on it? Are YOU the kind of person that makes people want to ride your bus? It starts with you. In Tim’s case, he’s a leader worth following.


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