The Successful Mind Podcast Episode 329 - The Impression of Increase

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 329 – David From The Stage: The Impression of Increase

Today I’m getting back into The Science of Getting Rich, and specifically The Impression of Increase. This is my favorite chapter of any book I’ve ever read. Why? This chapter alone has the ability to change your life, your business, and even your relationships. The Impression of Increase has huge potential to change absolutely everything you are doing.

Get ready to learn:


    • How to get more increase for yourself and others by following the Certain Way
    • How to get more customers by conveying a sense of increase to everyone you interact with
    • How to communicate a greater use value versus cash value by understanding the potential of what it is you offer
    • How to master your environment by staying out of competitive mind and staying in creative mind


This is a chapter you will want to go over again and again and again.  Let the idea of the impression of increase infiltrate everything you are being. Do that and you will be able to write your own ticket to earn whatever it is you want!

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