The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 349 - Quit Trying Harder

The Successful Mind Podcast – Episode 349 – Quit Trying Harder

What you want is already here, and it’s just a matter of seeing it clearly in your mind. In fact, when we plant an image of what we want into the fertile ground of our subconscious mind…we can create a quantum leap in our life.

Price Pritchett explains in his book You2 that if you want to experience a quantum leap, it can’t be done through “trying harder” or by “doing more of the same.” If you do more of the same, it just gives you…more of the same.

Nor can quantum leaps be achieved through incremental steps. You reach a point where you can’t try any harder and you start to see diminishing returns. In some cases, intensifying your efforts creates bigger problems (like the little fly in the opening scene of his book—it wears itself out trying to push through a closed window, when all it needs to do is make a 180-degree shift and fly out the open door to achieve freedom).

To move from normal, everyday performance to “You squared,” you must think and act radically differently. You have to shift gears and follow new patterns of thought, while taking action.

In this episode I’ll walk you through a powerful visualization exercise to help you reach your goal or vision. Don’t miss it!

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