The Successful Mind Podcast - Episode 554 - The Terror Barrier: The Gateway to Success

The Terror Barrier: The Gateway to Success

Whenever you’re about to do something new, your subconscious mind will often create a circumstance or problem to distract you. It will try to get you to stop taking action. It does this, because it’s trying to protect you from the unknown. This phenomenon is known as the terror barrier.

Growth is littered with terror barriers. Every time you do something to advance, you’ll always have something new to face. “New level, new devil.” It’s estimated that 80% of businesses fail within their first five years, and this is due to the terror barrier. It’s because the owner refuses to do things that are required for growth and which are outside their comfort zone.

In this episode Steph and I discuss:

    • How everyone has a terror barrier—and it develops at an early age
    • Why 80% of people who go to personal development seminars never do anything with the information they learn (due to the terror barrier)
    • How we, as parents, pass along our insecurities, terror barriers, and what we think we can’t do to our children, to try to protect them—and how this makes them less effective at life
    • How the subconscious mind gets you to agree with the problem that seems to be in front of you, so that you’ll quit
    • Steph’s skydiving experience in her 20s—and how “nothing could have prepared her for the onslaught of thoughts that plagued her as she was in the plane”
    • How stepping through the discomfort and into possibility makes you feel better


Plus, I share the details of how I knew my marriage wouldn’t make it back in 1993—and how my own terror barrier was around that relationship (and divorce). I realized my ex-wife and I were on completely different tracks in life, headed for two different destinations.

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