Building the Business of Your Dreams Part IV – Visualizing Your Desire and Making it Real

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As we go through life, we have many different experiences, circumstances, and results. And we’re constantly having thoughts, reactions, and emotions towards those things.


When we stop and say, “Why am I having this thought?”—this brings consciousness to our mind. If you want to create the life or business you desire, you must take responsibility for everything you’re experiencing, whether good or bad. Accepting responsibility for our results—and choosing to change them (if we want different results)—is one of the most powerful things we can do as humans.


Creating a new result starts with using your marvelous imagination ,which is one of the intellectual factors of our conscious mind. It requires you to create and “hold the image” of the thing you desire. This is what starts the creative process from nothing. Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • One question to ask yourself that will help you take responsibility for your results: “Why am I choosing to have this experience?”


  • Desire  is a feeling inside of you that reveals your purpose in life; it’s a spiritual function


  • Why you must get emotionally involved with the thing you desire 


  • How the subconscious mind causes you to act on autopilot; it keeps creating the same thing day after day


  • How “constant spaced repetition” programs your subconscious mind


  • How to impress a new image upon your subconscious mind by using visualization, so that it takes over and you start manifesting your desire on a regular basis


  • Why you don’t need to know “how” something will happen—instead, you must first make a DECISION to do something


Plus, I will give you an exercise to help you identify your desires and differentiate them from mere “wants” or “wishes.” A desire means it’s burning hot and you MUST have it—you can’t live without it. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to be, do, or have that thing in your life. There’s intensity behind a true desire—unlike a wish or a want, which is just a cool thing to have

Imagine if you were 100% accountable to yourself every single day, nonstop, no excuses.


How different would your life be? How different would your business be?


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