Episode 151: Divine Timing

Why do you stop? Honestly, take a moment to really think about that. The short answer is time. The idea being that you’ll say, “It’s not the right time – it’s the right thing, just the wrong time.” Those who are spiritual will say, “It’s not divine timing,” or, “I’m waiting for divine timing.” Whenever I hear this, I know that it is a complete lack of awareness and a total misunderstanding around what divine timing actually is.

Today I want to share a teaching that I think that will help you create a new awareness, and at the very least give you something to think about in order to change your current results and help move you to accomplish whatever it is that you desire. Fair warning though, if you’re following something that is a misconception around the way the Universe is operating and you’re not manifesting or creating or getting the things that you want in life, it’s not the Universe that is holding it back. It’s something you’re not doing, seeing or simply not understanding. Bluntly, it’s your own ignorance that’s causing the problem.