Episode 152: Everything is Spiritual

With machines, we’ve learned to measure frequencies of many different kinds. You know, the things we can’t pick up with our five human senses – things like temperature, sound, etc. It’s always been fascinating to me that with every invention that has come into our awareness it has allowed us to see a world that we assumed at one point didn’t exist. The truth is that it was here all along.

This episode I’d like to take on a subject that is heavily debated among various circles; the spiritual world. I believe one of the problems we get into is that the spiritual world is debated from not only the scientific community but the religious community as well. If we were to expand the idea that there’s nothing outside of the spiritual world, everything is held in context, we would be able to give things a deeper meaning.

You are likely aware that there’s not just a good or bad, it’s all encompassing. When we get down to trying to understand the world we live in, and analyze it from an understanding that everything is spiritual, we start to realize that nothing can exist outside of that. When you bring in this line of thinking, you are able to stop judging, measuring, condemning, deciding, reasoning, and rationalizing around the thing itself and see problems from a totally different perspective.

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