Episode 154: Create Your Own Economy

There are so many different things that drive our economy. When we’re having economic issues, it makes a person psychologically vulnerable to the way they show up in life with their own ability to not only earn money, but the habitual way that they spend money.

Think of all the things that money allows you to do.  Things like starting businesses, donating to charities, becoming a philanthropist to help out those in need in your local community or around the world.  There are many different things that you can do if you have money to do them with.

We’re raised with this idea that money is an evil necessity. There’s an incredible amount of negativity around money, whether you’re talking about it from a spiritual perspective or you’re talking about it from a human perspective. It’s as if, if you have too much money, you’re not a good person or you’re greedy.

The truth is there is an economy that’s happening in all classes, from the bottom to the top. All of these people are creating the economy in which they are living in. It is the economy of their own creation.  It is the economy of your own creation.

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