Episode 002: The Laws of the Universe

What are the Laws of the Universe and how can you use them to tap into the success within? The successful mind is the ability to think based on truth, the truth of the universe and the world we live in, to be able to create the life we want. The #1 purpose of the Laws of the Universe is to show us a way to think successfully. It allows us to tap into the success that’s within the universe and bring it into our reality. There are 7 core universal laws and their subsidiaries which all work together. Understanding and even being aware of these Laws puts you ahead of the game and on the path to great achievement, living a life of ease and grace.

In this episode you’ll learn more about:

  • How to use the laws to guide your thinking
  • Where desire comes from and how it relates to Universal Law
  • What the 7 Core Universal Laws are and how they work

Links and Resources:

Working with the Law – Raymond Holliwell – find it on amazon: http://a.co/dxVI0Ya

My program on Universal Law- A Mindset for Maximum Prosperity – http://incomeaccelerationlaws.com